Chrisandra Lost 70 Lbs. using Beachbody Workouts and Shakeology!

It’s Transformation Tuesday! Today I’d like to highlight Chrisandra. My friend, Angie Peterson, from our team has been coaching her since February 2014.  She is a single woman working in Washington D.C. This is her story.


Chrisandra was Depressed

Chrisandra had just turned 40 and was depressed that she was still single. She was so embarrassed with her weight that she stayed at home instead of getting out to spend time with friends. She knew she’d never get married or even go on a date if she didn’t feel confident. And to do that she wanted to lose weight.

She started working out, doing the Beachbody workouts at home in Feb. She drank Shakeology and followed the meal plans. Weight started coming off. As it did, she became more outgoing and confident.

Going from Size 16 to a Size 4!

She has lost 70 lbs. since she started doing Beachbody workouts and drinking Shakeology. She texted me the day she stepped on the scale that last time, “I cried this morning. Not because of of being depressed. But because I FINALLY did it. I got to my goal weight. I’ve gotten back to a size 4 Petite from a size 16. I can’t believe it. I’m finally ME again! And did I tell you?! I’m going on a date tonight!”

When my friend, Angie, got this message from Chrisandra, she said, “Those kind of messages are what keep me motivated to coach people. Changing people’s lives EVERY DAY!”

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Angie Peterson is a Diamond Beachbody Coach on our team. She is a busy mom of six kids. She suffers from Lupus and arthritis. She has personally lost over 50 lbs. using Beachbody workouts and Shakeology. She has helped hundreds of people like her get in the best shape of their lives. Click on the button below to connect with Angie on Facebook.

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