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Be Kind to Yourself

I’m surprised at how many people are mean to themselves! Especially women. Women are way too hard on themselves! I know what it’s like. I’ve been there too. We wake up in the morning, look at ourselves in the mirror, and tell ourselves what is wrong with us that day. The more we do this, the worse…

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3 Tips to Help you get Your Workouts in

If you are struggling to get your workout in, here are a few tips to help! Comment below if you’ve tried any of these tips.

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How I Stay Motivated with my Health & Fitness Goals

People ask me how I stay motivated with my health and fitness goals and ask how they can stay motivated too. I decided to make you a video to give you my secret of how I stay motivated. Need Motivation to Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals? Join my next New Coach Mentorship to learn…

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Nutrition vs. Fitness

If you are working out all the time and not seeing results, this video is for you! It may not be your workouts, your nutrition might be the problem. Did you know that your nutrition counts for 80% of your results? Most people think they need to focus on their workouts, but really they need…

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Fashion Tips to Make you Look Slim

3 Fashion Tips to Help you Look Slim & Trim

People ask me all the time about how they can look slimmer and trimmer FAST! So I decided to put this little video to give you some fashion tips that might help. 3 Fashion Tips to Help you Look Slim & Trim It’s amazing how you can look slimmer just by focusing on what you…

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Exercise for the Busy Mom

I’m excited to introduce Katheryn Foudray to you! She’s the founder The Healthy and Fit Home School Mom. I love her tips, advice and exercises for moms! Below is an article she wrote with some excellent tips for busy moms who want to be fit. by Katheryn Foudray As a busy homeschooling mom, I sometimes…

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21 Day Fix

Do you go on and off Your Diet?

Common phrases I hear from people are: I am “on a diet” I “fell off the wagon” I will “start again on Monday” I can’t eat that because I’m on a strict “diet” Stop Going on and off Your “Diet” Is this you? If so STOP right away! If you do this consistently, you will…

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Don’t Start Your Diet on Mon.

Take the Word “Diet” out of Your Vocabulary Have you ever told yourself something like this? “I really messed up, I’m going to start my diet on Monday.” If this is you, you need to stop right away! When you go on and off a “diet” you’ll keep yo-yoing with your weight. You need to make…

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Stop Going to the Gym

I know what you’re thinking. “Really?! Stop going to the gym in January?” Yes! Stop going to the gym in January! Stop right now. I have a better solution for you. Is this you? – Every year you make a resolution to go to the gym in January, but you stop going consistently by March.…

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How to Remain Stress-Free During the Holidays

I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Rusty Gregory, from Maximum Wellness! He is a personal fitness trainer and wellness coach. He was kind enough to write this article for you to help you through the holidays! You can find him here- Comment below to let us know which tip you liked best! How…

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