Busy Mom of Eight Loses 27 lbs.

I love sharing stories from people who have gone through our health and fitness challenges. 🙂 This is my friend, Steffanie, from Utah. She’s pretty amazing! Here is her story:

Steffanie’s Story

My story goes back almost 22 years ago when I had my first daughter. I am a busy mom of seven daughters and one son! YES, that is EIGHT kids all together! Before then, I never had to worry about my weight. In high school I was in sports and exercised all the time. But as the years went on, and I started having kids, my weight got worse and worse. Gaining with each new baby, and never really losing it! Battling my weight and trying the quick fix by taking diet pills and trying juice diets that didn’t work and even actually made me feel worse.

It wasn’t until after our last daughter was born, I finally got serious and decided to do something about me being overweight. I found a challenge group that I joined and really started to enjoy! The only problem with that group, was that it fell apart half way through and I was lost. I didn’t know what to do? I was seeing results and the accountability to the group was a lot of what was keeping me going. Desperate to keep losing weight, I found another challenge group and joined it right away. Best decision I’ve ever made! I love the support and encouragement that I get, not only from my coach, but from everyone on the team! I will forever be grateful to my team for all of the love and support they give me!

Now I feel great! I can do more physically without being tired! I have lost more than 27 pounds and am still dropping! I love this lifestyle change that I have started. Just remember, diets don’t work. When you diet, you have a goal to get to a certain point. Once you reach that goal, your diet is over. Or if you fall off the wagon, you quit. A lifestyle change is never over, you can still eat good food. You just learn to portion it better and you can still have your cheats without thinking you have ruined it! That’s what keeps you going! If you deprive yourself from all of the things you shouldn’t eat, it would never last! It is alright to have your treats and sweets, in moderation.

So here is my before and after from just before I started my challenge, to now after a couple of months into it! I am living proof that even at my age of 41, you can still lose weight!

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Steffanie is now a Beachbody Coach on our team helping others with their journey! She’s inspiring!

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