Busy Mom Lost 70 Lbs. in 7 Months using Beachbody Workouts and Shakeology

I love sharing success stories from our fitness challenges! This is Teralyn from Utah. She is a busy mom who wanted to feel good again. She found a Beachbody Coach to help her lose 70 Lbs. in 7 months using Beachbody workouts and Shakeology. Now she is also a Beachbody Coach paying it forward and helping others just like her. Click here to connect with her on Facebook–> Facebook.com/teralyn.smith

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Teralyn’s Story in her Own Words

I have always enjoyed being active (especially in high school), but when I started having children my focus changed from me to them (as it should), there just didn’t seem to be enough time. I didn’t realize I had gained so much weight & after having my 2nd child I decided to do something.

I joined a weight loss center, no fitness plan was provided but there was a very strict eating plan, I was upfront with them that I was a nursing mom but reassured I was on the highest caloric intake (later I found out just how many calories I was eating and I was very blessed to not have lost my milk supply) I worked really hard and lost the weight, but there were a lot of tears, and to this day I cannot eat steamed veggies.
The plan was to immediately get pregnant with our 3rd and I did, during this time I allowed myself to eat a lot of unhealthy or very rich foods (after all its only 9 months and I’ve already lost it once I can do it again, and I was right, but didn’t know it would take 7 years). After having my 3td life took an unexpected turn and for comfort I would turn to food. What started as a once a week bowl of ice cream or treat turned into twice a week, maybe three times a week. After having my 4th child I was telling myself “I deserved the candy bar, it had been a hard day!”

It got out of Control

Things just seemed to spiral out of control – physically I was hurting and in a lot of pain, mentally I was depressed and talking to myself in such a negative way. My husband would tell me that I was beautiful; and I truly believe that he thought I was, but I did not think I was beautiful & I didn’t love myself!

I had gained all of the weight back plus 30lbs. Every few months I would try to lose the weight and I could always get 10-20lbs off but I would get discouraged, because let’s face it I wasn’t skinny the next day or the next week or even the next month and sometime I could even stretch my determination to 2 months but again I wasn’t skinny overnight.
In June of 2014 I realized I was truly eating myself to death. I would run to the store after dropping my 3 oldest off to school to get my “stash” of junk food. I would always try to hide it from my youngest because I didn’t want him to eat unhealthy. I always told myself on these runs that this time the junk food would last 2 weeks, but I was always lucky if it lasted 2 days.

Then I Found my Beachbody Coach

I was truly blessed to find my Beachbody Coach. She introduced me to the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology! It was great – the workouts in the 21 Day Fix were hard but there is a great modifier and Shakeology was my cheat meal that was truly my healthiest meal of the day. I also had to prioritize – it meant that my kids might need to make their own lunches for school and that the house might not get cleaned at the very moment I wanted it to be that way. But my health was more important. I know that my kids would rather make their own lunches and allow me the time to work out and take care of myself so that I can really play with them and so that I can have a long life with them.

We tend to put a lot of people ahead of ourselves which is a great thing, but when you are not able to truly take care of yourself, you truly cannot take care of them. I wasn’t. I want you to take a moment a think of the path you are on now – in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years where will you be and will you be able to continue helping those around you the way you want too? As my health has improved so has my energy and the ability to get things done. I am grateful that I took a moment to say this time is my time and treated it as an appointment that I could not cancel.

Within 6 weeks I had lost 20lbs, within 14 weeks my joint pain; that at times seemed crippling, had dramatically lessened if not gone completely away. By October of 2014 I was down 47lbs!! And in January of 2015 I had lost 70lbs within 7 months! I felt and looked great and I finally wanted to be in front of the camera and having my husband taking the pictures vs. me hiding behind the camera.

Now don’t get me wrong it was hard, and there were tears, but I didn’t feel deprived and I was happy!! I have learned a lot through my journey – Key things like moderation & perseverance. I’ve had several “Aha!” moments that have changed my life.

I am now a Beachbody coach and would love to “pay it forward” and share with you what I have learned and help you reach your goals!

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