Busy Mom Lost 100 lbs. and Overcame Obstacles Along the Way

I’m excited to share Raquel’s story from our team today! She has an amazing transformation! This is her story in her own words of how she lost 100 lbs., gained her confidence back and overcame challenges. Go here to follow her on Facebook—> Facebook.com/Raquel.Czikowsky

Raquel Colasurdo’s Story

My name is Raquel Colasurdo, previously Czikowsky. I am 32 years old and I work full time at Center for Hospice Care as the AR Manager. I am enrolled in school part time as I aspire to be a registered dietitian. In my spare time I am a Beachbody Coach, certified insanity instructor and teach insanity classes at my local gym. I have a 14 year old daughter and am newly married to my wonderful and supportive husband. My true passion since 2012 is running marathons. In my spare time I like to do triathlons, spin class, hot yoga and of course teaching my insanity classes.


However, I have not always been this into fitness and have had my share of struggles along the way. About 10 years ago I was an overweight smoker who was unhappy with not only how I looked but how I felt. I was a single mom who felt guilty if I were to take time away from my daughter to take care of myself. One day I was shopping and realized that a size 14 was getting too snug! I refused to go into a plus size store and realized that if I did not take care of myself then no one else will so I decided to join a gym. I went to the gym Monday through Friday after work and the weight started to come off.

Overcoming Obstacles

About 8 months into this routine I started to hit my plateau. I continued working harder and decided I wanted to be a runner. You can image how hard it is to run and be a smoker. This is what gave me the motivation to quit smoking. I deiced that would be the last day I would ever have a cigarette again, and I haven’t had one to this day.

After running, smoke free I decided I wanted to do join the race community. I did several races, triathlons and half marathons at this point in time and did quite well. My very first half marathon I placed third in my age group. This pushed me to continue to race and encourage those around me to get in shape too. I felt amazing and was on top of the world. However, I then decided to do my first long distance race, the Ragnar Relay in 2010. I over trained for this event and knew deep down that I need some recovery time when this event was over. During the race, I broke my femur by running through a stress fracture. This forced me to recover as I needed surgery and could not run, bike and even walk for several months. Once that was cured I thought I could go right back to my old ways but then fractured my back. I realized that something had to change as I was over training for sure.

Balance is Key to Success

While it is great to work out and live a healthy lifestyle balance is key. In 2011, I decided I was going to train right. I would take a rest day when my body called for them and have a balance of running and incorporate hot yoga and more biking into my routine for recovery. In 2012, my father suffered a major stroke. This scared me because he was just like me. He was healthy, fit and loved running. This is the point where I decided to dedicate my running to him since he is no longer able to run. I crossed the finish line of my first marathon a few months later in 3 hours 45 minutes. I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment and have since run 2 more marathons. On October 12, 2014 I will be running my 4th full marathon and have remained injury free.

Anything is Possible

This did not happen overnight and it certainly was not easy to get where I am today. I feel that my healthy lifestyle and losing 100lbs on my own shows people that anything is possible. If you put the work in you too can achieve your goals. I look forward to continuing my lifestyle and continue setting a good example for my daughter.

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