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Brazil Butt Lift Post by Shannon

When I first heard about Brazil Butt Lift, I never thought I would try it! Just the name itself made me laugh! A few of my customers wanted to try it so I decided to give it a try.


So I’ve been doing Brazil Butt Lift for almost three weeks now. It’s harder than I thought! It is a fun mix of cardio and weights! It is actually a total body workout! My arms have been so sore since I started! I love the arm workouts.

Five workouts come with the basic package. There are three additional workouts if you get the advanced workouts in the Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe Version. I did the basic workouts for the first two weeks. Then I started with the advanced workouts this week. They are awesome! My arms are even more sore now!

The program is only a month long. You do six workouts a week for a month. There are four different combinations you can do so you can actually do it for four months if you want to.

It has an awesome meal planner too! I’ve tried several recipes, and they are great! I love how Beachbody provides a meal planner with each workout program. It’s awesome!


I would recommend Brazil Butt Lift for anyone who likes to dance and do weights. It is a great workout for anyone at any level because you can modify the moves to make them harder or easier.

I’m not laughing at this workout anymore! It’s awesome!


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