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How do you Handle Stress?

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Are you the type of person that holds in stress? I am.

One way I’ve learned to release my stress is to go to a sushi buffet and eat. Some women I know eat a half pound of chocolate or a tub of ice cream. My daughter lets out stress by screaming and putting her head underneath a pillow. We all have different natural reactions on how to deal with stress and try to find ways to relax.

Although eating sushi is very enjoyable, it isn’t a long lasting way of dealing with everyday stressors such as deadlines, finances, and especially kids for those of you who have any. Eating all you can eat sushi makes me happy for an hour, but the rest of the day I tend to feel like I’m in pain.

Body Beast Relieves Stress

The best way to deal with stress is to find something that can help you relax and inspire you everyday. I found that doing Beachbody’s Body Beast work out has been the best way for me to deal with everyday stress.

I started doing Beachbody’s Body Beast work out a few months ago, and every time I finish a work out I feel great. I focus my mind on pushing myself as hard as I can throughout the work out, and I start the day with a feeling of accomplishment. The work out focuses on bulking up the muscles you have. I used to be a lot more in shape when I was younger, but I’m starting to feel like I’m catching up to the best shape of my life by doing this work out. The work outs are tough, and so is the trainer. For those of you who want a challenge using weights and want to bulk up, this is the work out.

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