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I started Body Beast this week. It is an intense workout.

I felt like the trainer, “the beast”, was kind of a bully at first. He told me that I didn’t have muscles and that I had chicken legs. I soon realized that he talked this way so as to get me pumped up and motivated. The workouts we go through are intense.

You are not allowed to hold anything back. He expects you to work along him up to the very last rep of every set.

The workouts are unique, but also some very general workouts most athletes may have done before, but at a higher intensity. One of the things I like about the workouts is the length of time it takes to complete. Most workouts up to this point are all 45 minutes or less. This gives me the opportunity to get more things done in the morning before I leave for work.

I’ve also been taking the recommended supplements that are provided by Beachbody. Each supplement works differently. One gives you extra energy for maintaining stability and form. Another supplement helps feed your muscles after a workout and helps the muscles recover quicker for another Beast workout. There are two other supplements that provide daily nutrition for your body throughout the day. One of the nutrition supplements is said to have been a Russian Olympic supplement secret that has been  discovered and provided by Beachbody.

I have enjoyed the workouts so far. Don’t get your feelings hurt on the first workout, you’ll quickly feel in shape enough to keep up with the Beast and the rest of the gang.


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