Benefits of Pushups

It’s time for the WEEKEND CHALLENGE! Every week we post a challenge for the weekend on our blog.

This week’s challenge is to see how many pushups you can do! This a tough one! You have to do the pushups on your toes. Going on your knees doesn’t count for this challenge!

Why Pushups are a Great Exercise

Pushups are great because you don’t need any equipment. You can do them at any place any time. They tone your entire body and help you build muscle.

I was a gymnast when I was younger. We trained five days a week for five hours each day. It was pretty much my life! We did a LOT of pushups!

I’ve been working on pushups this year. I’m still not that great at them, but at least I can do them without going on my knees now. I’m getting better and better.

Proper Form for Pushups

It is important to have good form when you do pushups. Keep your body straight, don’t put your head up or down, and put your feet together. It is easy to break form when you get tired. If you are breaking form, make sure to stop and take a rest. It’s better to stop that to do them with bad form.

Types of Pushups

There are many types of pushups. You can do a triangle pushup with your hands in a triangle. There is the wide pushup with your hands spread wide. Some people like doing tricep pushups where you keep your elbows by your sides when you pushup. There is the explosive pushup where you clap each time you pushup. You can do one-arm pushups, elevated pushups (feet on something), etc.

No matter how you do your pushups, you’ll always be building muscle and getting stronger! Let us know how the WEEKEND CHALLENGE goes!

Have a great weekend!

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