Beachbody’s Derm Exclusive Review and Weigh In Day!

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It’s Weigh In Day! Every Monday is Weigh In Day! We take time to weigh ourselves, take our measurements and our body fat.

This week Patrick lost 1 pound! He’s down 13 pounds since he started the Six Pack Abs Summer Challenge on May 23! He’s going to have a six pack in no time!

My weigh in wasn’t as great today! I gained 2.5 pounds this past week! Blah! I ate too much junk food last week! Yep, I know I’m human! I’ll be better this week!


I tried Beachbody’s new Derm Exclusive Skin Care Line this past week! I was a little skeptical to try it, but it is awesome! My skin felt smoother, more hydrated, and it even faded the wrinkles under my eyes! Awesome! I love it. It is now available on our website! Go to / Shop Team Beachbody / Derm Exclusive.


This week’s challenge was to hold the Superman hold for 30 seconds three different times. After we did this, we decided this was an easy challenge! We didn’t have any problems doing this one! There wasn’t even a competition! Patrick thinks he beat me, but we tied! We’ll come up with a harder challenge this weekend!


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