Beachbody Workouts Changed Our Lives!

This is us in August 2011.

I’m not just saying this. Beachbody workouts really changed our lives! I said that even before we became coaches!!

We, well I for sure, had no idea what I was doing at the gym! I ran on the treadmill for an hour at a time some days, and I wouldn’t lose any weight. Then I’d try some weights, but I had no idea which order to do them in to get the best results! This is how it was BEFORE I was introduced to Beachbody at the end of 2009. Things changed after that. I spent less money because I wasn’t buying a gym pass or paying for a personal trainer. I also got WAY better results!

After our second daughter was born in August 2011, I knew exactly what I needed to do! I started with Beachbody workouts right away. This is our story.

Insanity and P90X

We started with Insanity and P90X at the end of last September 2011. I started with Insanity, and Patrick started with P90X. It was hard for me at first to get motivated to do my workouts. I had a c-section for both of my pregnancies, and it is a tough recovery. I eased my way into it, and Patrick did his workout. It was fun doing it together.

We both needed to lose weight. I had about 50 to lose, and Patrick had 20. These workouts helped us get on the right track to lose weight.

The workouts are awesome because they are on DVD so you can do them anytime. It’s perfect if you’re too busy to go to a class at the gym or you have kids at home and can’t get a sitter each day.

The trainers are motivating and fun, and they tell you EXACTLY what to do to give you results! It’s awesome! No guessing! Perfect!

This is us a year later! I lost about 50 pounds, and Patrick lost 20 in one year from Beachbody. This is August 2012.

Turbo Fire and P90X2

In January we moved to Turbo Fire (for me!) and P90X2 (for Patrick). I LOVED Turbo Fire! It was a great workout to do after Insanity! Chalene Johnson is fun and motivating! I loved it! I lost 19 pounds during that workout! It was awesome! I did it for 24 weeks. I did the first month twice during this workout too. I loved the high energy, fun music and dance in the workouts. It was so fun!

Patrick liked P90X2, but he still liked the original P90X better. He ended up doing a mix of P90X and P90X2 from January to July 2012.

I had a month before I was planning to start a new workout. So I ended up doing Brazil Butt Lift for a month! To be honest, I really didn’t think I’d like this one! Just the name sounded silly to me, but I LOVED it!! It was so fun, and a LOT harder than I thought! I got great results! It helped tone my stomach and lower body especially! My arms also got toned from the weight training! I was surprised about that!

Les Mills PUMP and Body Beast

In July I started Les Mills PUMP, and Patrick started Body Beast. These are two of Beachbody’s newest workouts.

Les Mills is so fun too! It was fun to do a completely different workout with barbells! The trainers are from New Zealand, the U.S., and the UK! The music is a blast, and the workouts are fun and motivating. I have one more month to go, but so far I love it!

Patrick LOVES Body Beast! He said P90X and Body Beast are his two favorite workouts from Beachbody. He said Body Beast is a good one to do if you are already in shape and want to get in even better shape. It is awesome!

What’s Next?

On October 29 we are going to try Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset! We are a little nervous for this one! It’s 21 days, and it resets your whole body. You can’t workout intensely during this time so we’re going to do Tai Cheng with it since it’s an easier workout.

We are having fun with this workouts! They are helping us get in amazing shape! We highly recommend them!


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