Beachbody Coaching Makes a Difference in People’s Lives

Post by Shannon

Patrick and I became Beachbody Coaches  in December 2011. It has been amazing to watch people’s lives change for the better! Not just on the outside, on the inside too! It’s so neat to watch people become more positive and happy as they go through their health and fitness journey.


We have also gone through a transformation since we started. We’ve pushed ourselves harder in our workouts to motivate our customers, and we’ve also become more positive and happy because we are serving others. It’s awesome!

There is something about helping others that makes you forget about your own problems. You are not only able to help others, but you are able to help yourself through the process. I don’t think you can serve others and be unhappy in life! I also don’t think you can exercise daily and not be happy! Serving others and exercising daily is an awesome combination!

When I saw this opportunity, I thought it would be perfect for me! I love motivating others to be healthy and fit. I also love Beachbody workouts. So I thought it would be a perfect fit, and it has been!

It has been so fun doing this together with my husband, Patrick. He wasn’t so sure about what I was doing at first, but he’s right along side me now! We’ve both lost weight, become more fit, and have changed our outlooks on life to be more positive.

It has also been great to be home more with our daughters. I worked 30-40 hours a week before we had our second daughter last August 2011. Now I only go into the office once a week. It’s great!

For those of you who are curious about how much we’ve made so far, we have been able to make $6,170.48. This is an awesome business opportunity! It’s a fun way to help others, get healthy and fit yourself and make money to be able able to spend more time with your family. I don’t think there’s a better job out there!


We are always looking for people to join our team! Click on the picture to sign up or give us a call (801) 362-5362! We’d love to tell you more about it. You’ll be joining a great team. We have 49 coaches on our team so far. You wouldn’t be alone! We’ll help you every step of the way!

– 25% off all products
– Earn 25% commissions
– Exercise daily
– Read something motivational for 10 min. a day
– Lots of support and encouragement


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Hi! My name is Shannon Golladay! I'm married and have three little girls. I am passionate about helping moms feel and look amazing! I struggled with my weight during and after my pregnancies. I found a way to workout at home and get in awesome shape! Now I'm paying it forward and helping other moms like me reach their goals.

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