Be Excited or it Won’t Work!

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If you want to stay motivated to exercise, you need to find a workout that you love or you won’t do it! If you have an awesome workout, but it is sitting on your shelf collecting dust, you won’t get in shape. True or true?!


Find a workout that you love so you will stick with it!

I love running. That is one of my favorite ways to exercise. Going running is hard to do with two kids though. You either have to go when they are being watched by someone or take them in the jogging stroller (this is the hardest option!). It is also hard to go running in the winter. We live in Utah, and it is NOT fun going running in the snow! I know because I’ve tried!! The worst is running in the winter with the double jogging stroller! Okay, I haven’t tried that, but still!

I love Beachbody workouts because I can do them at home whenever I have time! I don’t have to find a babysitter either or take them to the gym daycare. They also work, which is even better!


So far I’ve done a full round of P90X (90 days), two rounds of Insanity (60 days each), one round of Turbo Fire with the advanced workouts (20 weeks), and one round of Brazil Butt Lift (one month).

I started Les Mills PUMP on Monday! This is one of Beachbody’s newest workouts. It’s AWESOME!! I’m really excited about it! The trainers are from New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a 13-week program.

They teach PUMP in gyms throughout the world. Beachbody put this international team together and put the same workouts on DVDs.

It is a great workout! You use barbells. They come with the workout, which is AWESOME! You use low weights and lots of reps to build lean muscle.

I used weights during Brazil Butt Lift last month, but I’m ready to use more weights now. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, but so far I love it!


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