Avoid Fast Food!

Avoid Fast Food this weekend!!

Avoid Fast Food for a Weekend!

It’s time for the WEEKEND CHALLENGE?! Every week we post a challenge for the weekend! This week’s challenge is to AVOID FAST FOOD completely! This is tough for most people, especially on the weekends! It’s easy to grab something on the go, but the truth is you’ll pay more money and eat WORSE by doing this! So for one weekend avoid fast food! Let us know how it goes!

Why is Fast Food Bad?

Most fast food is low in nutrients, and high in fat and sodium. These foods are usually fried too. There no labels on these foods so you never know how bad they really are!

I’ve heard of some people doing tests with hamburgers or fries. They’ve left them in their cupboard for months, and they still look the same! CRAZY! If they still look the same after months, they CAN’T be good for you! Think about what you’re putting in your body! Not good!

Even salads. You think you’re getting something healthy, but then they pack in all the calories with the toppings and dressings! The dressings are especially bad because they don’t have any really nutrients in them.

To learn more about this visit LiveStrong.com‘s site to read an article about this with more info.

Moderation in ALL Things!

On the other hand, fast food is okay once in a while. We aren’t saying you should ban fast food altogether. It is okay occasionally. Moderation is the key! Also portion size is key too! Split a meal with someone or have water instead of a soft drink. Try to avoid having 1,000 calories in one setting.


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