5 Reasons Stretching is Important

It’s time for the WEEKEND CHALLENGE!! Every weekend we post a challenge for the week! This week’s challenge is to stretch for at least 30 minutes this weekend.

Why is Stretching Important?

#1.  Stretching improves your range of motion.

#2. It helps you to not be as sore from your workouts.

#3. Stretching releases synovial fluid stored in the joints. This fluid lubricates all the joints, protecting them from friction and injury.

#4. Stretching brings blood supply to the soft tissues. This improves endurance so you don’t tire as easily. Stretching also helps to elongate muscles, provide flexibility, promote healing and prevent future injury.

#5. Stretching makes you calmer. It help you unwind and relax more.

Don’t Be Too Busy to Stretch

Most people don’t stretch enough. With our busy lives rushing to and fro, some people barely have time to workout let alone stretch. Schedule time to stretch. You’ll see the benefits, and it will help you be a little bit healthier.

This info. was taken from Live Strong’s website. Read more here:  Why is it Important to stretch before you workout?

 Check out this video about the WEEKEND CHALLENGE!

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