Monthly Archives: August 2014

Busy Mom of Three Lost 17 Lbs. using Shakeology and T25

I’m excited to share another success story with you! Vanda is a busy home school mom of three. She came to me stuck in a plateau. She ran all the time, but didn’t see the results she wanted. She turned to T25 and Shakeology and lost 17 lbs.! Not only that, she also earned $700…

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How I Stay Motivated with my Health & Fitness Goals

People ask me how I stay motivated with my health and fitness goals and ask how they can stay motivated too. I decided to make you a video to give you my secret of how I stay motivated. Need Motivation to Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals? Join my next New Coach Mentorship to learn…

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Nutrition vs. Fitness

If you are working out all the time and not seeing results, this video is for you! It may not be your workouts, your nutrition might be the problem. Did you know that your nutrition counts for 80% of your results? Most people think they need to focus on their workouts, but really they need…

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Mom Loses 6 lbs. in 3 Days with Beachbody’s 3 Day Refresh

I love sharing success stories from our team! Today I’d like to highlight Jacque! She is an amazing mother who has gone through a lot of challenging things in her life. She doesn’t let her challenges get in the way though. She takes time to take care of herself so she can be the best…

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Fashion Tips to Make you Look Slim

3 Fashion Tips to Help you Look Slim & Trim

People ask me all the time about how they can look slimmer and trimmer FAST! So I decided to put this little video to give you some fashion tips that might help. 3 Fashion Tips to Help you Look Slim & Trim It’s amazing how you can look slimmer just by focusing on what you…

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