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Mom from Louisiana Breaks GolladayFit Record Losing 134 Lbs.!

I’m SOO excited to congratulate Jody from Louisiana for breaking our GolladayFit weight loss record and losing 137 lbs.!! She’s AMAZING!! I’m so proud of her! It’s so much more than just the weight loss. She’s also gained so much confidence and motivation for life! I remember talking to her on the phone for the…

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Exercise for the Busy Mom

I’m excited to introduce Katheryn Foudray to you! She’s the founder The Healthy and Fit Home School Mom. I love her tips, advice and exercises for moms! Below is an article she wrote with some excellent tips for busy moms who want to be fit. by Katheryn Foudray As a busy homeschooling mom, I sometimes…

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Shannon & Patrick Golladay

One Step at a Time

Last night my husband gave me the best Valentine’s Day gift! He shared some exciting news with me that he’s been keeping from me since Wed. (he told me Friday)! We found out that he was the only one from Arizona accepted into an internship he applied for! This is HUGE news! We were so…

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21 Day Fix

Do you go on and off Your Diet?

Common phrases I hear from people are: I am “on a diet” I “fell off the wagon” I will “start again on Monday” I can’t eat that because I’m on a strict “diet” Stop Going on and off Your “Diet” Is this you? If so STOP right away! If you do this consistently, you will…

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