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How Long Can you Hold the Boat Pose?

The WEEKEND CHALLENGE It’s time for another WEEKEND CHALLENGE! Who’s ready? This week’s challenge is to see how long you can hold the boat pose! If you’ve never heard of the boat pose before, it’s a yoga pose. It’s great for strengthening your core. See photo for a demonstration. How to do it Start seated with your…

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Ultimate Reset Day 3

Day three of the Ultimate Reset wasn’t my favorite. My kids were sick, and I didn’t feel that great either. I had a headache and my stomach felt blah. I didn’t do any exercise on Day 3, but I did eat the meals. They were really good as usual. Breakfast Breakfast was toast, steamed kale…

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Ultimate Reset Day 2

Day #2 of the Ultimate Reset Tuesday was Day #2 of the Ultimate Reset for me. It was a tough day! I had a headache all day, and I felt blah. There were a few highlights though. I took my girls outside to get some fresh air. We go to a park almost everyday. On Tuesday…

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Shakeology Recipe of the Day: Lemonana 1 scoop Greenberry Shakeology 3/4 cup organic lemonade 1/4 cup organic rice milk 1/2 banana Ice to taste Blend to perfection.

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Ultimate Reset Southwestern Veggie Taco

This week I’m doing Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset. I love this program. I’ve done it once before, and I felt amazing after! This is one of my favorite recipes! Southwestern Veggie Taco What you need: 1/4 medium avocado, mashed 2 Tb fresh pico de gallo (salsa) 1 1/4 cup black beans and rice (see recipe below)…

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Ultimate Reset Day 1

Today was Day #1 of the Ultimate Reset. This is my second round. My goal is to write about my experience everyday. I planned to do this last time I did the program, but I didn’t. So here I go again! I decided to do the Ultimate Reset again because I loved how I felt…

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