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Four Rounds of P90X Completed and 43 lbs. GONE!

It’s Motivation Monday! Every week we like to highlight a success story from someone we’ve been coaching. This week we’d like to share John’s story. John completed four rounds of P90X in a little over a year. He lost 43 pounds! His cholesterol went from 235 to 183, and his blood pressure went from 135/85 to 106/62. Congratulations…

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P90X Helps Mother of Two Lose 40 Pounds

Every week we highlight a success story from the people we are coaching! This week we’d like to highlight Ny. She has lost 40 pounds since she started using Beachbody workouts. She looks great! Now she is paying it forward as coach. She is an Emerald Coach on our team. Visit her Facebook page to…

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Conscious Eating Tips

It’s time for the WEEKEND CHALLENGE! Every week we post a challenge for the weekend to help you be more healthy and fit! Conscious Eating This week’s challenge is to be conscious of your eating! This is something we’ve been working on lately since we’ve been doing the Ultimate Reset.Part of the Ultimate Reset is…

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